Multi-disciplinary consultative committee

In its treatments as well as through the care it offers, the Centre OTIUM benefits from the scientific advice and support of renowned specialists, because our support is based on dialogue with the medical profession.

Picture caption: from left to right

Dr. med. Angela Pugliesi Rinaldi

Head of the Oncology service, Hôpital de La Tour

Prof. Dr med. Omar Kherad

Professor and Chief Doctor at the Department of internal medicine, Hôpital de La Tour

Prof. Guido Bondolfi

Associate Professor of psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Chief Doctor for liason and crisis-intervention psychiatry at the Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry, HUG

Prof. Pierre-Yves Dietrich

Professor, Head of the Oncology service, HUG (Geneva University Hospitals)

Prof. Dr med. François Pralong

Endocronology-diabetes and general internal medicine specialist, Hôpital de La Tour. Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Biology, University of Lausanne

Prof. Jane Royston (photo à venir)

Member of several boards of foundations and technology companies, as well as of the Swiss Science Council SSC

Dr med. Francis Meier (photo à venir)

Head of Emergency Care Department, Hôpital de La Tour. Specialist in General Internal Medicine and hospital-based Emergency Care (Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine - SSERM), Member of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

Graziella Pacetti (photo à venir)