By bringing together on each side of the riverbank in Geneva everything that can provide active support to people affected by cancer, we have developed with the OTIUM Foundation a simple concept that meets a real need. 

2 OTIUM Centers in Geneva on both banks

Created in 2018 in Geneva by the OTIUM Foundation, the OTIUM Center - Left Bank offers in a warm and welcoming setting counseling, support and care, in order to bring its beneficiaries towards physical, social and moral well-being.

Since 2022, the OTIUM Foundation has opened its second center, the OTIUM Center - Right Bank, in Meyrin. Thanks to this new structure, the Foundation is able to meet the strong demand from beneficiaries, health specialists and the medical world. It also broadens access to integrative therapies in Geneva, on both sides of the river.

Around 40 available therapies

Proposed individually, as part of a workshop or group classes, therapies as well as the skills of the therapists and counsellors available at the Centre are verified and approved by a Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee, comprising doctors and experts. The Centre OTIUM also proposes an outpatient oncology rehabilitation programme that has been validated by the Swiss Ligue contre le cancer (Anti-cancer Association).

A place to meet and exchange experiences

In addition to its activities and the events it organises, the Centre OTIUM provides its beneficiaries with a place to stay and meet so as to relax and exchange experiences. A cafeteria, a garden and a library dedicated to cancer and its treatments are also made available.