Our history

The creation of Centre OTIUM was born through a meeting between philanthropists and a cancer sufferer. All were motivated by the same goal: to offer solutions that help people to live with the disease, in addition to medical treatment outside the hospital environment.

Linda Kamal began her professional career in the event industry, notably at the prestigious Crans-Montana Forum (meetings of heads of state and CEOs), then at the International Automobile Federation. She then moved to the banking world by joining a large private bank in Geneva. She gained experience in trading, then returned to marketing where she was in charge of major events for private clients and also for employees.

In early 2012, her life changed: Linda Kamal was diagnosed with cancer. This painful experience gave rise to her desire to create a place where therapies and various services for patients and their families could be found under one roof, allowing them to live better during and after the illness.

Thanks to a meeting with philanthropists, the OTIUM Foundation is created. On June 15, 2018, the OTIUM Center - Left Bank is inaugurated, followed by the OTIUM Center - Right Bank, 4 years later, on September 15, 2022. Linda Kamal is the director of the OTIUM Foundation and the OTIUM Centers.

« I am utterly convinced that through a better experience of my medical treatment, I'm accelerating my healing. »

Linda Kamal

The dream

At the very start of every adventure there is a dream or an idea. A project is developed. A family of philanthropists, already sensitive to the subject of cancer and its impact on those affected and their loved ones, planned to create a place where individuals can seek care, support and counselling.

The concept

Projects are built by studying the work and existing structures elsewhere, by testing ideas with medical and health professionals. Then one day, you meet someone in remission who shares the same goals, the same generous benefactors and who is completely won over by the project.  

The reality

To meet the needs they see, together we came up with Centre OTIUM. We saw the need for a single place where all the things that sooth the mind and body are in under one roof: hair care, relaxation, diet, meditation, books, discussion. A dream that has become a reality, far from the secondary effects linked to medical treatments.

Medical teams, associations, therapists. A list of useful links to support you when you’re facing cancer.