Our values

We’re here to welcome, to share and support you on your journey. Centre OTIUM’s values are about the path followed by every person affected by cancer. The path that leads through accepting the disease, the difficulties of living with it and the experience of healing a body.

“To answer a question in a pertinent way, you first have to know how to listen.”


To welcome

Because living with the disease is no easy matter, one of our fundamental values is about welcoming. Welcoming each person in a warm environment where we can find the right path with you, treating everyone as an individual and offer counselling and solutions with empathy. For Centre OTIUM, this is an essential starting point.


The best answers to questions come through first knowing how to listen. This was the principle we applied when we designed our meeting places. Concentrating on what makes each person a unique individual, to understand their circumstances, needs and feelings. And to share experiences, knowledge and skills so that together we can explore every facet of wellness.


Cancer is a journey. Sometimes a long path that is easier to travel with partners. Partners from the very beginning, Centre OTIUM supports you, step by step on your journey toward healing. And with every step offers advice and care that’s designed to make your life easier, for you and your loved ones.

Medical teams, associations, therapists. A list of useful links to support you when you’re facing cancer.