The Fondation

The goal of the Fondation OTIUM (a non-profit foundation) is to be concretely engaged in the fight against cancer by improving the quality of life of those affected by cancer and their families, from initial diagnosis through to recovery and rehabilitation. The Foundation aims to achieve this goal by providing a warm and welcoming environment in which patients and their loved ones can receive practical and psychological support, as well as engaging in activities aimed at improving their physical wellbeing.

2020 Annual Report (in French)

The Fondation OTIUM’s registered office is at Société d’Études Techniques et Économiques SA, Quai du Seujet 24, Geneva.

Supporting patients and their families

Created in 2017, OTIUM is a non-profit foundation, recognized as a public utility, whose mission is to accompany patients and their families throughout the disease journey: from diagnosis to recovery and reintegration into active life.

Providing a framework and support

In order to achieve its goal, the Foundation has set itself the objective of providing practical, psychological and physical support to patients and their families in a warm and welcoming environment. In this context, it created the OTIUM Center - Left Bank in Geneva in 2018, and then 4 years later, in 2022, the OTIUM Center - Right Bank.

Creating synergies

In order to facilitate the often difficult and trying journey of patients and their families, the Foundation also seeks to create synergies and collaborations with all the actors involved in the fight against cancer.