Advice and support

Being committed to enabling the Fondation and the Centres OTIUM to successfully carry out their mission, the members of the foundation's Board and the operational team contribute to the well-being of those persons affected by cancer. 

Support and coordination 


Linda Kamal
Director of the Fondation and the Centre OTIUM

Rose-Marie Avila-Galan
Welcome and Logistics Officer at the Centre OTIUM - Rive Droite

Nathalie Poulet

Welcome and Logistics Officer at the Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche

Anne Anken
Communication Officer and Administration Manager


Board of the Fondation 


Anita Latsis

Michel Bourrit

Honorary Member

Erietta Maria Blank

Eugenia Paizi Dhaim

Laure Rougier Baigneres

Atalanta Vourecas-Petalas