Our approach

We think of the person as a whole. We aim to create synergies between different skills so that we can help people to better live with cancer, and as cancer survivors. Centres OTIUM’s approach puts interdisciplinary thinking and practice at the service of the person in their entirety.

“Placing equal importance on the physical and emotional as the mental and spiritual.”


Some types of care offer relief, others strengthen. That's why we believe in bringing together a series of skills under one roof that combine counselling, alternative medicine and disciplines that concentrate on developing your well-being. The goal is to offer answers appropriate to each person’s needs while giving therapists the opportunity to share knowledge and skills. In this way every treatment is part of a complete approach to better targeted, and more effective, healing.

Holistic therapies

The disease affects both mind and body and it changes your physical relationship with the world and to others, to your family, and to your work. Centres OTIUM promotes therapies which take account of the whole person, that look both at the physical and emotional, the mental and spiritual aspects of healing. No part of your wellbeing must be overlooked if we want to contribute to your healing and have a positive impact on the disease.

Alternative medicine

Centres OTIUM works in consultation with doctors, with your oncologist and specialist oncology services. We do not provide medical treatments, nor cancer treatment therapies. Our goal is to provide you with alternative therapies that help alleviate the negative side-effects of medical treatments.

Medical teams, associations, therapists. A list of useful links to support you when you’re facing cancer.