Corporate partnership

“The idea of this partnership is simple: by partnering with OTIUM, you help improve the framework conditions of the disease in the working world, while also favouring healing and return to work”, said Olivier Sandoz, Deputy Director of FER Genève.

By enabling employers to provide active support to their employees who have been affected by cancer, we have developed an innovative partnership plan. To cap it all, employees benefit from free services while an HR training course is provided to their leaders. Aiming to better reconcile work and disease.

Classes provided and access to services for employees

By joining OTIUM in a 3-year partnership (renewable), businesses provide their employees, men and women alike, with the possibility to access the group classes offered as well as the list of services provided by the Centre OTIUM which boost well-being, equilibrium and confidence.

HR training to embrace business staffing 

Training courses dedicated to the HR teams and those persons vested with managerial powers have been also anticipated in order to provide better support to those employees affected by cancer and help them cope with the disease.

For employees

  1. Individual therapies from 9:00 to 20:00
  2. Group classes from 9:00 to 20:00 (provided by the Fondation OTIUM)
  3. Three counselling interviews

For relatives (1st and 2nd degree family members, persons living in the same household)

  1. Individual therapies from 9:00 to 20:00
  2. Two counselling interviews

For employers

  1. Specialised training in “cancer and employment”:a half-day session for the HR teams and/or team leaders (presentation of support tools for employees).
  2. Awareness-raising (Team building or group participation):prevention and mobilisation actions (including a visit to the Centre OTIUM)
  3. Workshop on “long-term disease and employment”:a day at FER Genève,once a year (max. 50 persons per registration) in partnership with the Groupe Mutuel.


Committed for three years, the enterprises joining the partnership enjoy various services free of charge for their employees and the latter’s families and friends (interviews, group classes) as well as extended hours (until 20:00) and preferential rates to support the classes and HR training courses provided by OTIUM and FER Genève.

Would you be interested in the Business Partnership of the Fondation OTIUM? How to proceed?

Send an email at, by indicating:

  • The number of persons employed by your enterprise
  • Those employees who are interested in the training course Read the press release