Pilates teacher & passionate about trail running

Language spoken: French

Gymnastics and movement, in general, became evident from the age of 4. During these last years of teaching in wellbeing and health prevention and following my state certificates, I became certified in Pilates with the STOTT Company, for the different levels of practice on the floor, on the reformer, and the "Special Population" cycle, then in Rose Pilates.

I continually search to evolve and progress, so I regularly train myself in different bodywork techniques to give my years of experience a new and efficient look.

In 2016, I specialized in Rose Pilates to help women return to physical exercise after having breast cancer. This reconstruction gymnastics allows one to regain a harmonious posture, to re-appropriate the body, to fight fatigue, and to find a comfortable position.

The appropriate approach is to develop the body's strength, and flexibility in a harmonious way is to rectify bad postures, restore physical vitality, and stimulate the mind

My objective is to get my practitioners to work on their sensations to awaken their body's consciousness, teach them to move quickly, guide them in the right movement through a vast selection of exercises, and eliminate the discomfort of wrong postures.