Psycho-corporal relaxologist, sex therapist & hedonist

Language spoken: French

After almost two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, I became aware several years ago that wellness could not be lived by taking a pill, and I began a journey towards self-knowledge.

I trained myself in hypnosis, psycho-corporal reflexology, psychosomatic sophrology, and sexology, among others. I now collaborate with medicine in a more person-centered way.

Whether it is with hypnosis or psychosomatic sophrology in sexology, I accompany my clients and patients to find or discover in them spaces of well-being and deep relaxation.

I promote an authentic encounter with themselves to accept with serenity what could not be in the past and to reconnect with life. They can discover and draw from their unconscious, effective natural solutions that have remained latent to resolve their difficulties and awaken their sleeping faculties.

I practice multidisciplinary hypnosis by answering each patient's needs and adapting to each circumstance and in a real helping relationship.