Fasciatherapist, physiotherapist & kitesurf enthusiast

Languages spoken: English, French

"Heads" side (professional)
Fascinated by the life force that animates us, the care techniques I use are based on the opening and listening through manual touch, so that the silent request of the patient's body is heard and accompanied. The effects often observed are a deep relaxation of the tissues and the setting in motion of the body's vitality, creating favorable conditions to move towards wellness and healing.

"Tale" side (personal)
Liking board sports, the "disguise" I'm wearing on the picture is kitesurfing equipment that I practice notably on the lake of Geneva. It is an exciting sport that requires capturing and integrating a lot of external information (like wind and waves) and the internal sensations of the body to enter a dance with the elements.

Yvan Leuridan
EPFL engineer, physiotherapist, fascia therapist, and CAS in mindfulness (MBI)

Lecturer at the Geneva University of Health (HEdS, physiotherapy)

Therapist, tissue, and energy approaches, individual and group (meditations)

A few words about fascia therapy
Manual therapy (passive and/or active care), action on the tissues (tense, retracted, adhered, insensitive areas) but also on the psycho-emotional (because of sensitive manual touch, relationship touch).

People with pain and/or tension in the body and/or stress (physical, mental). But also need for the person to relax deeply, to re-appropriate their body (to animate and inhabit a region of their body again), to regain mobility, flexibility, softness/warmth in their body, space/lightness within themselves.