Languages spoken: English, French

Born in Lausanne, where I began my studies in psychology and later chose the clinical program at the University of Geneva, I landed my first job at the Office médico-pédagogique (OMP) in Neuchâtel.

It was in Neuchâtel that I trained in systemic and psychoanalytical psychodrama. In 1997, I decided to come back to Geneva and obtained a position as a psychologist at the Guidance Infantile. At the same time, I also worked as an assistant to Professor Daniel Stern at the University of Geneva.

This new engagement at the HUG allowed me to undertake a third training in the psychodynamic approach this time, given by the HUG and the SMP.

Since 2008, I have been a part-time family therapist at the Crisis Unit for Suicidal Adolescents of the HUG ("Malatavia"). In 2019, together with my colleague and friend Doctor Guillaume Favre, I joined the Centre OTIUM to practice psychoanalytical psychodrama in a group, which we have more simply redefined as "therapeutic games."

Passionate about traveling and meeting people, I am also a jogger and a fan of all forms of playful sports activities. Having had a CFC as a building draftsman for a long time, I have always had an attraction and interest in architecture and drawing.