Arianne TORNÉ

Help for families with a training in psychology and a passion for salsa

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish

I discovered cancer through my leukemia when I was 15 years old. Since then, I've been wondering how to live better the life we are given and how to enjoy it in all its aspects.

My questions have led me to studies in psychology, coaching, and, more recently, sexology. I have also taken a detour through wholefoods and couple dancing, to integrate the body and relationships. In my path as a psychologist, my positioning is always the welcome and the benevolence of what you are experiencing in the present moment.

As a professional, I have worked a lot with children and teenagers and, therefore, with their families. I have also accompanied adults amid an existential crisis who needed to change their lives. I am deeply convinced that whatever our situation, it is always possible to find resources within us and around us to stand up, to learn, and to take a step further.

I like to use a wide variety of tools and techniques that I have gathered throughout my life. They are inspired by psychology and coaching, but also mindfulness, hypnosis, positive psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

As diverse as they are, they all pursue the same goal. Like Ariadne in Greek mythology, I offer them to you as a thread to guide you in front of the Minotaur, get out of the labyrinth, and cultivate your joy of life!