Language spoken: French

Cycling, the "official sport" of my native region, Brittany, allowed me to discover the benefits of mental training: muscle relaxation promoting recovery and well-being, positive visualization, serenity, and confidence.

These same techniques allowed me to advance in my studies (engineering, master's degree in marketing): being ready and focused on the exams, optimizing the time of revision.

At that time, I felt the need to "calm my mind," and I was happy to discover tai chi and qi gong.

During my eight years in a company, I pursued martial arts and started meditation, both for the benefits of the practice and for the philosophical framework it can bring. My training has gradually intensified and has been a daily practice since 2012.

I have also been exploring the inner dimension of ecological transition for a few years now: changing ourselves to change the world, in the direction of alignment and harmony.

Leading sessions at the OTIUM Centre is an honor, and sharing with participants is particularly enriching.